Indeed’s 15 Top-Rated Workplaces in 2018: Best Culture

Indeed just released their top-rated workplaces in 2018 for best culture. Keller Williams, who didn’t make the top 15 in 2017 jumps all the way to the top spot, 4 fast food companies make the list and only one conventional tech company made the list, Apple, which could be a reflection of the rough year tech has had.

Indeed Top 15 company cultures

Reading through the reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor about the top rated workplaces for best culture, a few things stand out:

  • Supportive management: management needs to be supportive and demonstrate that they care for their employees.
  • Lived values & culture: a set of values are part of the everyday experience for everyone at the company, not just a list of 5 or 10 nice sounding words given to new hires at orientation
  • Clear career path: employees need to see a future at the company, a path for growth and this needs to be clearly articulated by management.
  • Competitive pay: You don’t need to have huge salaries (4 fast food companies made the list) but you do need to pay competitively for your industry.
  1. KW logo Keller Williams – also topped this year’s work/life balance ranking, reviews raved about top-notch training and support, volunteering and community service. 
  2. IN N OUT logo IN-N-OUT Burger – flexibility of scheduling was a repeating theme, competitive pay, positive culture, happy customers and making life long friends
  3. TQL logo Total Quality Logistics – employees were very happy about the combination of support & independence, promoting from within and benefits such as a basketball court, ping-pong, Nerf guns, gym and food trucks
  4. Vans logo Vans – fun and flexible work environment and employee development through training
  5. HEB logo HEB – a supermarket chain with an “amazing” work environment, competitive pay, 6 month bonuses based on performance


Culture isn’t a fluff word, having a strong workplace culture leads to better retention, which means fewer open requisitions for recruiters, so they can focus on quality over quantity and ultimately, happier employees and customers. Culture also isn’t complicated, support and care for your employees, show them a path forward, provide training, pay competitively, encourage work/life balance and a ping-pong table won’t hurt either.


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