28 Recruiting Ideas

1.       Multiply employee referrals

2.       Search your ATS

3.       Post to job boards

4.       Facebook Ads

5.       Resume mining

6.       Boomerang hiring campaign

7.       Google ads

8.       Host a hiring event

9.       Attend a career fair

10.   Post pull tab flyers around town

11.   Mail targeted post cards

12.   LinkedIn recruiting

13.   Newspaper ads

14.   Community/ religious bulletin ads

15.   Post to local colleges

16.   Call professors at local colleges, ask them to refer top students

17.   Hire a temp recruiter

18.   Engage a staffing firm

19.   Hire a freelancer to source resumes and profiles

20.   Post to Facebook groups

21.   Create video employee testimonials and use in social media recruiting ads

22.   Give everyone you meet your business card and ask if they know anyone who is looking for a new job

23.   Radio ads

24.   Join an industry association

25.   Get people to relocate – advertise in high supply low demand areas

26.   Headhunt from the competition

27.   Now Hiring yard signs and banners

28.   Bookmark this blog for more future tips!

What other recruiting ideas do you have? Comment below!