Making a new offer is often stressful, so much could go wrong, if you hire the wrong person, it will reflect negatively on you, make your job more difficult, take up your time, your team’s time, cost the company money, hurt moral, cost customers, hurt the company’s reputation and it could even lead to lawsuits.

The temptation is there to increase the length of your hiring process, to make sure you don’t make a hiring mistake: have a long application to get all the details you want (not need), send multiple assessments, have many people interview, (that way you can share the blame), etc.

This is counterproductive.

You will often lose the best candidates with an unduly long hiring process. The best candidates know their worth, and will feel that you cannot see their worth if you make them interview several times, often answering the same questions, over and over. I’ve witnessed it many times, where the best candidate gets frustrated with endless interviews, starts to wonder why she has to meet so many different people (she’s also most likely working, so getting time off for interviews is a challenge). Often, she drops out of the process since she feels you failed to see her value.

A few stats to support shortening the hiring process:

  • 60% of candidates quit job applications due to excessive length or complexity (CareerBuilder)
  • Organizations lose 20 percent of candidates after waiting just three days to schedule an interview (Filho, 2018)

The average interview process takes 23.7 days! (Cherian, 2017) It does not take 23 days to make a hiring decision, shorten your interview process and make more and better hires, before your competition steals them away.

If you can make a hiring decision in 10 days or less, you will lose fewer candidates to the competition, since candidates will continue to job hunt while interviewing and it won’t take long for the best candidates to receive additional offers. An unduly long process puts you at risk for losing the best candidates and for competing with additional job offers.

Coming soon: How to shorten your hiring process 




Cherian, J., 2017, 5 Ways Your Losing Good Candidates In the Recruitment Process

Filho, O.G., 2918, How Recruiters Can Foster ‘Hire’ Engagement with Hiring Managers

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