You have a new job request, or twenty, the hiring managers are blowing up your phone and email, your job postings aren’t bringing in the right candidates. Your interviews are no showing on you.

What if there was an easy to use source, filled with candidates who want to work for your company, just a few clicks away? A source that would make you look like a recruiting Rockstar?

The best source of candidates that recruiters regularly overlook is their own applicant tracking system. The ATS is a goldmine of candidates. Don’t leave, hear me out!

Ok, I know you hate your ATS, I’ve yet to meet a recruiter who raves about their ATS. It’s not intuitive, the search function is clunky, it doesn’t provide accurate data, etc. I get it, but because you are not in love with your ATS, that’s partly why you are not using it as your first source. Also, you figure, if I didn’t hire them the first time, why should you take a 2nd look?

A few reasons to take a 2nd look at candidates in your ATS:

  • These candidates want to work for your company!
  • Many, if not most of the candidates in your ATS, you never looked at carefully, if at all. Maybe you already had an offer out, so you didn’t bother reviewing additional resumes. Or you stopped calling candidates once you had enough interviews set up.
  • Candidates may have gained additional experience since you interviewed them.
  • Your 2nd and 3rd choice candidates may have been hired, if not for that Rockstar you hired.
  • We aren’t perfect, us recruiters don’t always make the right call, perhaps the above mentioned 2nd or 3rd choice candidate really was the best candidate.

Things to try – your ATS as a recruiting tool

  • When you receive a new job request, search your ATS first.
  • Send out a mass email to all past applicants who are not current employees, with a list of current openings, using a service such as Constant Contact.
  • Consider sending a recruiting text to applicants using ZipWhip
  • Have candidates opt in to emails and texts as part of your application process

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