At a recent meeting with recruitment leaders from various business units of the same corporation, we identified various projects that we could work on across business units to improve recruiting and retention for all business units. It was an idea filled meeting, with each recruiting leader contributing.

The chief executive who had called for the meeting posed us with a challenge, how are we going to track the various projects discussed and follow through on our ideas?

Thankfully and coincidentally, I had been looking for an online Scrum or Kanban board and a fellow recruiter, recommended Trello. Which I had been experimenting with, I spoke up and gave a brief intro to Trello to the recruiting leaders.

Trello is an easy, flexible, and visual way to manage and organize projects. The best part is, there is a free version that does everything I need it to do.

Create a board

First, create a Scrum board, name it and add 3-4 lists, which will appear as side by side columns. Following a Scrum methodology, I like to use “To Do”, “Doing”, “In Review” and “Done” for our recruitment Scrum board

Trello List

Add Cards

Next, adds cards under the first “To Do” list for all the projects you need completed.

Trello Card List

Track Project Progress by Moving Cards

When a team member wants to start a project, they click and drag that card into the “Doing” column. Once they have a tentative solution, they will then click and drag the card to “In Review”, finally, when the project is signed off on by all stakeholders, the card is moved into the “Done” list.

It’s that easy!

Trello Cards

Collaborating with others

Each team member can add themselves to any project, by clicking on the relevant card and clicking, “add member”.

In addition to organizing projects, Trello provides a very nice snapshot of the progress of each and who is working on what. Check out Trello for free by clicking here.

Customized Backgrounds

Trello has partnered with Unsplash, a website that provides 550,000+ high resolution photographs, to allow you to search photos, without leaving Trello’s website:

Trello changing background

Trello Free Version

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