Start, Stop, Continue, Shout Out, is the perfect wrap up a day of training with your team. It pushes each team member to commit to at least one thing to start doing, stop doing, continue doing and finishes the meeting on a positive note by allowing team members to appreciate each others’ efforts.

How it works:

On a whiteboard, write 4 columns: Start, Stop, Continue and Shout Out. Next, distribute sticky notes and have each team member write down, one thing they’ll start doing, one thing they’ll stop doing, one thing they’ll continue doing and at least one shout out to another person in the room.

start stop continue shout out

Start: this encourages the team member to reflect on one thing, a tactic or technique that they learned from the meeting and that they will commit to implement.

Stop: this helps the team member reflect on what’s slowing them or the team down, one unimportant or harmful activity, thought or habit that has become an obstacle.

Continue: reinforces good things they are already doing.

Shout Out: shows appreciation to someone else on the team and ends the meeting on a high note. As the person who often runs training meeting, I try to write at least one shout out for everyone present. This doesn’t have to be for something that happened at the meeting.

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