We are living in one of the most exciting times in history. Who would have thought that artificial intelligence would one day lead the way for one of the most people-centered professions? As you read this, AI is making recruiting and talent management more effective than ever before.

Imagine all your routine and mundane tasks easily being automated.

AI has solved this through innovative tools like chatbots and algorithms that identify keywords. It has also made things even more personalized, allowing tools for training existing employees or fulfilling any needs they might have.

We know that AI allows us to do the same work (or more) in half the time. That’s why it’s so important to know the ways AI is changing recruiting and talent management today.

AI Is Saving Us Time

Artificial intelligence software allows us to curate information from resumes. It can identify keywords that relate to the exact role and skills required for the job. Through boundaries set by you, AI can find quality and relevant candidates.

Time is crucial for recruiters and talent management. We are focused on finding and taking care of people. Anything that takes us away from that makes the job more difficult. AI is paving the way for a more effective strategy.

You Can Dedicate More Time with High-profile Candidates

By saving hundreds of hours a year, you are able to dedicate that time with the people who have the best qualifications for your job opening. This gives you the opportunity to interview them with more energy and resources. You’ll get to know the candidate even better, something so crucial when trying to find the right fit for your company.

With more time, you have the chance to develop new tools and strategies relevant to your company and search. Imagine not having your desk full of a list of things to do, but being in a more strategic position that allows you to make effective choices for the best results. Having an AI doing the grunt work for you gives you the chance to focus your resources on more productive areas.

AI Produces Better Data

With advanced software, big data, and the right tools, AI has made it even more possible to have relevant information when finding the right candidates. Algorithms now allow you to make decisions based on what it finds in resumes like experience, education, awards, and more. You are able to predict someone’s career path with AI and make the right decisions.

Current tools also allow you to meet goals with your data. For example, if you want a more diversified staff, you can curate skills and other attributes with data sets. Having a database with a vast amount of information helps you identify the needs and goals of your company.

AI Creates a Pipeline for Your Business

One of the greatest needs for a company today is finding the right people at the right time. It’s hard to find someone who is experienced, ready and available to join the team. In fact, that’s why so many companies need recruiters. It’s essential to find the right people when it’s needed. That’s why AI has become so important.

Software like Smashfly allows recruiters to build a database of candidates, creating a pipeline for whenever they need them. It’s unique in the way it uses modern and advanced AI tools to filter out exactly what you want. It documents the journey of your candidates from the landing page, all the way to the moment they apply for your company. LinkedIn is also doing this with their new Talent Hub, using the largest professional network online. Having something with accurate and relevant data as a pipeline is a huge advantage.

AI Makes HR Essentials Even Better

It’s one thing to find the right people, it’s another to take care of them. It takes a lot of time, patience, and future-thinking. AI gives talent management an advantage by providing them with the right tools.

The key is personalization. Now with AI, employees can use software or bots to discuss vacation requests, find information for benefits or programs and more. AI also helps considerably with training and other resources needed.

A unique advantage is also found through companies and AI like Veriato. It’s a software that analyzes emails, keystrokes, browsing and more, to identify normal patterns and behaviors. If those patterns change in a negative way, the AI is able to pinpoint any low-performing or “on the way out” employees.

AI is becoming more efficient every day. It’s saving an incredible amount of time for recruiters and talent management. It’s worth adopting and using these tools in order to become more effective and getting better at taking care of the people in your company.

At Scrum Recruiter, we believe in applying agile principles and Scrum methodology to recruiting. AI is one step to maximizing your skills and effort in finding the best people for your company and taking care of them for the long-term.

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