LinkedIn’s new applicant tracking system (ATS), Talent Hub, is set to launch in the middle of 2019 and is positioned to be a game changer. Talent Hub will be built around search, whereas most existing ATS’s are not. For those who migrate over to Talent Hub, the largest professional network of candidates will come with your sleek new ATS, over 500 million users (Darrow, 2017).

Imagine uploading your newest job requisition and immediately having a pipeline of qualified candidates? It gets better.

When starting a new recruiting project, you will first enter the job title, location, and skill level. After entering these fields, your pipeline will immediately start to populate, you will see how many people match those initial parameters. Next, as you add additional details, job description, qualifications and education, you can see your results narrow in on the best fit candidates. Additionally, you can add team members and recruiters to the project. Once the information is entered, you will have the option of posting the job to LinkedIn for free or using a job slot for extra visibility.

The days of posting and waiting for candidates to apply is over, you will begin with a full pipeline of qualified candidates. Talent Hub will rank candidates who previously applied to your company, who are currently in process and those who have selected “open to new opportunities” higher in your results.

Talent Hub won’t be restricted to LinkedIn, you will also be able to upload candidates from outside of LinkedIn. Like other applicant tracking systems, you’ll be able to assign candidates certain statuses, to track as they move through your hiring funnel, schedule interviews, email candidates, run reports, link to your calendar, send a job offer, send other on-boarding paperwork (Talent Connect Conference 2018), and even integrate with Skype, so you can work remotely from an island in the Maldives. You may want to do a voice only call while working on the beach.

To see Sarah-Beth Anders announce the that LinkedIn is building an Applicant Tracking System at this year’s Talent Connect Conference, follow this link and skip to 1:38:30


Talent Connect Conference Day 2 (2018) Anaheim, CA, viewable online at:

Darrow, B. (2017). LinkedIn Claims Half a Billion Users.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions:

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