Need to find a job? Do these 9 things now.

  1. Post your resume online

A few of my go to resume databases are below, a future blog post will review the top resume databases: – quickly gaining popularity – especially for government jobs

  1. Set up job alerts, with all the major job boards

This will allow you to receive email alerts when jobs matching certain keywords and area(s) you select, first become available. This will enable you to be one of the first applicants, a huge advantage!

First Indeed, Indeed covers 60% of the job posting market. Set up a job alert here: Indeed Job Alerts

Once you receive a job alert for a position you’re interested in, don’t just apply, call the company, see #6

Other good places to set up job alerts: ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder & LinkedIn

  1. Start applying to jobs

If you’re serious about finding a new job, you have to treat this like a numbers game, the more applications you make, the more opportunities you may be offered, the more opportunities you have, the better pay and benefits you can negotiate. Treat job hunting as your full time job.

  1. Reach out to your professional network

Call and email contacts you have, former colleagues, clients, competitors, professors, teaches, etc.

  1. Make a list of 10-20 companies you want to work forPut these companies in an Excel sheet, call them weekly, adding more information as you receive it, person spoke with, decision maker/hiring manager name and contact info, next steps, etc. Basically, everything a sales person would do to land a new client.
  2. Find out who the hiring manager is – not a recruiter or HR

Never simply call and say you’re looking for a job, don’t let the front desk send you to a recruiter or HR. Ask for the the hiring manager by name, if you don’t know their name, Google or search LinkedIn (i.e. “Director of Finance at Westbe). If that doesn’t work, check to see if that info is on the company website. If your search doesn’t work call and ask “who is your director of finance?” you’ll be surprised that often they will just tell you, then ask to be transferred to that person. If they ask you why and you tell them you are calling about a job and they transfer you to a recruiter, wait and try calling again, this time asking for the person by name. Finally, sell them on how you would be an asset for their team.

  1. Announce to social media sites that you are looking for work

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever platforms you’re already on. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, create one.

  1. Mail out (snail mail) your resume to target companies
  2. Always send a thank you letter

Its so easy and will give you a huge advantage over the competition. Nowadays most candidates don’t, so be the one who does. Don’t wait until after the interview, send one after your first contact with the hiring manager.

What would you add to this list? Comment Below!

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